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About Us

Established in 1994, Vehglass is an industry leader as well as a family run business.
Combining professional while personable service on a local and national level.

Exceptional quality is the foundation of the company, and it is the quality we provide to all clients, large or small.

Previously specialising in glass for vans, Vehglass moved and expanded into keeping a catalogue containing 170+ vehicles predating 1990. The team at Vehglass manufacture glass for boats, limousines, industrial machinery, specialty residential projects and custom glass for modern vehicles. If it has curved or toughened glass there is a good chance we can help with your project.

A strong environmental policy is integral to the way we do business. This is why we are partnering with leading recyclers to keep waste glass, cardboard and soft plastics out and landfill and get it back into the system.

Vehglass is the proud owner and user of the trademark Armouglas® since 1994.

About Us

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