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Vehicle Glass Manufacturer | Melbourne

Welcome to Vehglass, your leading vehicle glass manufacturer in Melbourne, VIC!

We value your safety

Our Story

With over 25 years of industry experience, Vehglass is a family-owned business specialising in automotive glass manufacturing for classic cars and a range of custom projects in Melbourne, VIC.

Vehglass Australia is proud to be continuing our countries time honoured traditions in the automotive glass industry. Using an original Pilkington Glass toughening plant (picture to come), combined with cutting-edge CAD and Waterjet technology, and a lot of hard work, our company has become known as one of Australia's top automotive glass manufacturers and suppliers. 

Vehglass is the proud owner and user of the trademark Armouglas® since 1994.

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Combining unique materials with the latest technology

Vehicle glass manufacturer Melbourne

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Our Expertise

At Vehglass, we aim to provide a comfortable, refined and exciting lifestyle through our wide range of glass solutions, which includes:

  • Automotive body glass
  • Toughened curved or flat custom car glass
  • Custom & unique automotive glass products
  • Waterjet cutting services
  • Custom materials cutting

We believe glass is an essential part of safeguarding classic vehicles and their occupants as well as giving restoration projects a flawless look. 

A comfortable, refined and exciting lifestyle

Custom automotive glass products Adelaide

Why Choose Us?


We boast over 25 years of experience in the glass industry.


Our extensive knowledge and safety accreditations enable us to take on bolder automotive glass projects.

Our Goal

We guaranteed value through the use of unique materials and Armourglass® glass products.

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